About The Girl and The Blog

What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

Well..let me tell you..

After spending years eating unhealthy, being fairly inactive, suffering from one ailment after the next I decided enough was enough. So 8 years ago I began the journey from treating my body like a garbage disposal to truly learning and understanding how it works and what it needs.

Along the way I became truly passionate about nutrition and living a happy, natural and healthy life. I wanted to share what I was learning with other people, and most importantly educate people in a way they can understand what our bodies need, and more importantly how to apply it to their own lives in a practical, economical and safe way.

This prompted a career change and after considering the pro’s and con’s of traditional Western Nutrition and a Holistic Program, ultimately a holistic approach to nutrition (like everything else in my life) just suited my beliefs and lifestyle the best. I soon there after enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition Program, earning me the title of being a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. 

Living a natural life free of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and processed foods while focusing on plant based, whole foods diet has the ability to change the way we feel physically, emotionally and mentally; reverse and prevent many of the common ailments us in the Western world suffer from and make the world a kinder place. But we are bombarded every day with advertisements, articles and information and it’s not always so easy to decide what’s based on fact and what isn’t. I’m here to help sort through that all.

My holistic approach to living does not stay in the kitchen. I want my family to be the healthiest they can be inside and out, top to bare baby bottoms. I believe that what we put on our bodies can and does affect our overall health and well being – the skin is the biggest organ after all! This means that while I’m at it making our meals, I’m also mixing up everything from toothpaste to body lotions.

I hope you’ll come along while I share my recipes, knowledge and help make sense of the information constantly being thrown at us!



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