About the Girl

About Me pages. Oh man, they’re kind of truly awful. How do you capture yourself in a brief paragraph or two? HINT: This will be longer than 2 paragraphs. I imagine it’s like trying to create a dating profile – finding a balance between all the reasons you’re actually pretty awesome but also keepin’ it real because no one is as lovely as a summer day all the time. Seriously, I started writing this, completed the above and then veered off talking about the blog itself, which is now the About the Blog page, before reminding myself that is not me.

So. Let’s play a game. 21 Questions. Not to be confused with the 50 cent song, this game consists of the first 21 questions that popped up when I googled “21 get to know someone questions”. Fun Fact: It was a list of 100, but I’ll run with the first 21 of that list.

  1. What shows are you into? Lame questions. I don’t actually watch TV and it’s taken me 10 months to finish Season 1 of Outlander, no fault of the show. The book series I devoured in no time. I much prefer reading.
  2. What’s your claim to fame? Not confident in the ‘fame’ portion, but I do snort when I laugh sooo, let’s roll with that.
  3. How often do you play sports? Yeah, I don’t sports.
  4. Are you usually early or late? I have this ridiculously creepy habit of being exactly on time. But if I had to pick, early. I firmly believe people’s time is valuable and by being late, I am disrespecting both the person and their time.
  5. What quirks do you have? Literally LOL’d. Real quick: I’m chatty, I’m both super quiet and super loud. My face does not have an indoor voice. I talk to myself. A lot. I become obsessive over things. I also don’t always finish what I start. I zone out easily. I sometimes dress questionably. I go on organization and cleaning binges. Frequently. I say ‘literally’ often because I think it’s important when I say “there were literally 27 penguins watching me eat my sandwich” people know it actually happened and it wasn’t only 2.
  6. How often do you people watch? Daily! Hourly! Literally anywhere there are people, I will watch. Minimal to no judgement.
  7. What’s your favourite drink? Depends on the day and mood. Sparkling water. Ciders. Real good coffee.
  8. What do you hope never changes? The good people see in me. And my ability to see the worth and good in others.
  9. What’s your dream car? A ’63 completely restored, fuchsia VW bug. OR van. But I also love super fast cars – no fave. I grew up around cars.
  10. Where would you rather be from? Somewhere hot, so when I “go home” it’s not to the tundra’s of the winter prairies.
  11. What songs have you completely memorized? Oh man, so many. I’m a serious music junkie. I’ve had Mamma Mia stuck in my head for a solid week. On heavy rotation: anything grunge, 60’s pop, 70’s rock, 80’s punk.. I also love the Canadian ‘girly shit’ scene: Holly McNarland, Sarah Harmer, Sarah Sleen, Tegan & Sara, Bif Naked…
  12. What would you rate 10/10? My ability to get bored easily and not follow through on things.

Like answering 21 questions. I’m done.

Other facts:

  • I do yoga 4-7 times a week
  • I love plant based cooking and foods (not a vegan)
  • I cry over good music and baby animals
  • I just spelled animals with 2 n’s
  • I swear like a trucker and there’s no promise in g-rated language on this blog
  • I am a forever student
  • I am feisty
  • I have a bullshit reader that’s pretty impressive. I believe it’s called intuition.
  • I would be considered a feminist
  • I am understanding, even if I don’t agree
  • I am a mom, but will never put parenting advice up because I just watched my 4 year old climb up on the counter, open a cupboard almost hitting himself in the head, all to get some gum.
  • I believe that dance parties cure all
  • I ramble
  • My birth certificate says my name is Racheal. That is not a typo.

The end.