About the Blog

I’ve been writing my whole life. I used to write stories as a wee sprout, which turned into novels during my teen years and I’ve had a blog off and on for a decade or so.

I started as a healthy living blog as I lost 60 pounds (all but 10 pounds I didn’t re-lose post babies has stayed off).

Then turned into a mostly nutrition blog (certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner over here!).

Then a life blog (I hate the term ‘lifestyle blog’).

Then.. I quit. Took down all my posts (thinking of reposting former fan favourites and posts that are still reflective of my current state). Left my site as a blank, white page.

Then the need to write came back. When I told someone I was bringing the blog back, they asked “are blogs still a thing?” No idea! But I like to write and need a space. So let’s do it.


There will be no regular commitment to a posting schedule. You may get 5 one week and 1 the next. I like to keep people guessing.

The topics will range from hippie tree-hugger thoughts, current events, healthy living posts, maybe a recipe or two (I apologize in advance for my photography skills). I am super passionate about topics directly related to being female: consent, positive body image, and general expectations and life as a female. Basically what I’m saying is anything goes except: religion or politics, mommy blogging, or a recipe hidden in a story (I’ll just give you the recipe right up front and not make you suffer through a boring as hell story about how I stumbled upon the most perfect vegan chipotle créma).

Hopefully you enjoy a good what-the-fuck twist to your stories. That’s basically what it’s like reading my writing. It will send you on a path with an array of thoughts. Will this ever end? I don’t want it to end. Why are there 3 stories in 1? Holy shit, this girls actually got a working and intelligent brain. She’s funny! Okay, also a little quirky… I can’t tell if I love her or like her – because those will be your only two choices.

Haters ain’t welcome, yo.

So without further ado, thank you for stopping by. That’s what a good blogger says, right?