Workin’ On My Fitness: Changing it Up and Trying New Things (Barre3, Yoga and Home Workouts)

Workin’ On My Fitness: Changing it Up and Trying New Things (Barre3, Yoga and Home Workouts)

We’ve been setting into a nice little routine over here in our home since we’ve moved, and unfortunately that did not include a workout schedule that I was sticking to, or wanting to go do. A few weeks back I wrote about my frustrations regarding this, and basically my lack of desire to stick to anything. I was frustrated because my usual go-to, LOVE workouts just weren’t doing it for me anymore, and I had lost my pep. A change needed to happen and it was scary.  It was a slow break-up – the kind you see coming for months but actively avoid the confrontation, until you do confront the issues and then think, “why the hell didn’t I do that sooner?” 

Since I still had a gym membership paid up to until the end of April, I knew that whatever my new routine looked like, it had to include use of at least some of the amenities offered there.  Since I was no longer feeling my weight lifting routines, I decided to put a big x beside their box, at least temporarily. I decided that lap swimming was in, since I was actually feeling like I missed it at that point.  If I’m completely honest, the fact that my bathing suit was just slightly snug and I felt pretty chunky in it was the only thing holding me back -which is pretty ridiculous since my usual swim hour is also the favorite of the 65+ crowd, I’m under water and no one can actually see me and well, nobody actually cares what I look like in my bathing suit while swimming laps so neither should I.

I had started doing yoga about a year and a half ago, and continued while pregnant. But once the littlest arrived, I kind of stopped. Lies. I completely stopped. So I wanted to get back into that, because it’s something that – after much resistance, I fell in love with. I truly love being able to push myself in a completely different way. I also enjoy the calming effect it has me which is something my life has definitely been lacking lately. Quiet + kids is kind of non existent… unless you make the time for it. Carve out that time in your day to do just that. So by combining my workouts and calm, it’s a bang for my buck type of hour. However, with already having a gym membership, having to work around the husbands work schedule which is sometimes a little hairy, and not having an on call babysitter I just couldn’t justify the cost of a membership to a yoga studio – they tend to be a little pricy, which is something I’m totally okay with, as long as I’m using it enough to make the cost per visit low and well, that just wasn’t happening around here. So I thought I’d scour the internet for classes to stream, and I came across Yoga Vibes.  When you first sign up they offer 15 day free trials, with full access to all the classes. So really, it’s a win-win. No money lost, and the worst thing that happens is you don’t like it. The best thing that happens however is you find out you really like it and it’s a keeper. The monthly cost is $20, with unlimited class streaming, and that’s a price tag I can get behind.  They offer hundreds of classes, for any level. The best part is being able to pick a focus to work on and picking a time frame. I find this to be the most beneficial for me, because sometimes I don’t have a straight hour or 45 minutes to do an at home workout. (Correction: I don’t take the 45 or 60 minutes to do my workouts if I’m at home.) This means I can do a 15 minute class in the morning, another 20 minute one before bed, or a 45 minute one during afternoon nap time.

Years ago while living in Canmore I got hooked on Pilates. I loved that it was always such a challenge for me and really worked my core.  I bought a couple pilates DVD’s once we moved and once again couldn’t justify the cost of my regular gym membership plus a pricier one to a Pilates boutique, but I just never really got in to them. I always felt like I was working out in my living room, which is kind of like, “Duh, Racheal, that’s because you are” but I don’t want to feel that way. I want to feel like I’m there, watching an instructor who is going to come over and call me out for slacking if I do so. Once again I scoured the internet and found Barre3.  It’s kind of perfect for me! It combines moves found in pilates, yoga and… ballet. While I  will full on admit I have never been a dancer, do not know the slightly thing about dance, and most certainly do not have a dancers body I felt pretty confident with my pilates and yoga skills to give it a try. Once again, they offered a free 15 day trial so even if I found I didn’t really like it, I wouldn’t feel guilty for wasting the $15/month membership fee.  Here’s the thing: even if you have no prior knowledge of yoga, or pilates I’m pretty confident you could pick this up. They have intro classes, and once again you can pick the time you have, areas you wish to work and you guys? The instructors are phenomenal. They really do make you feel like they can see you, and always provide alternatives to each move they do. This is pretty essential to me right now when it comes to core work, because my core is in a pretty crappy place and the regular moves are sometimes too much for me to hold or sustain to long periods of time. A lot of the barre3 classes are that – alternating the same moves or holding for long periods of time to work the muscles. And trust me, they do! It’s crazy how much of a sweat and how sore my muscles can be without even moving off of my yoga mat.

While I did continue with my yoga subscription, I decided to cancel the Barre3 one until my membership at the gym is up, OR  I begin using it more. I can’t justify paying for another subscription when I’m not using a membership I already have. I find I am incorporating yoga into my rotation a lot more, doing 4-5 classes a week so I’m comfortable with the additional cost. While fitness is something that’s very important to me, and we have a house rule that the cost of doing physical activities we like is over ruled always by our desire to do them, I do have my own comfort zone. So come April if I find I am using my membership a lot more frequently or am not wanting it at all, then I will add back in the barre3, because it really is awesome!



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