It’s Been a While… A New Food! (Intro to Lentils)

It’s Been a While… A New Food! (Intro to Lentils)

I was thinking just yesterday that I have not made anything new or exciting as of late. This leads for a very boring kitchen experience. But I’m sure you all go through it too – you just get comfortable with the basics and your normal routine.

Last night while reading some class stuff, I started reading about legumes and such. I then remembered I had a bag of lentils in the cupboard. So of course I couldn’t wait to get through today to make something delicious with them for supper. Unfortunately the husband is working, so I dined alone.

This is kind of important only because he eats like a normal person most of the time. And likes normal people foods. I do not. So I always figure if he loves it, AND I love must really be a hit. But for now, we’ll go on my own taste buds (which, as far as I’m concerned, ROCK!).

Anyhow, I made a really tasty spaghetti sauce! With Lentils! Yes, double exclamations are necessary (for the first time in my life I also spelled necessary correct. I always want to put 2 c’s, and usually do before correcting myself). As everyone knows I am a huge fan of basic sauces you can then add whatever the hell you want to them.

What You Need:
1 cup of lentils per person
1/2 cup of water per cup of lentil (following, my smart readers?)
1 can of tomato sauce per cup of lentils
Any types of vegetables or spices you like to mix in with your sauces! I’m lame, so I just add a shitload of spicy stuff. I don’t like my vegetables warm.

I promise to work on my food photography. Well, I promise to try to work on it.

How You Do It:
Rinse the lentils in water. They do not need to soak. I just rinsed and drained until the water ran clear.
In a pot, boil your water
add your lentils (and vegetables if you like them soft..but if you add them now I would also add a bit more water)
Cook until soft (usually until the water is all absorbed, it didn’t take long)
If you like your veggie’s crispier (read: not mushy), you could add them now instead, along with your tomato sauce and any spices
Let simmer for a few minutes

I ate mine with some whole wheat pasta and cheese. Oh, and a big ‘ol salad on the side for some color. Oh, remember the “cheese” I bought? The Daiya stuff? They also have it pepperjack flavor, which I bought the other day and holy banana’s, is that shit good. I like things with a little kick to them, so it was the perfect addition to my meal. Even Lon, who dislikes “fake” things (which I always tell him, “Listen bitch. If I could eat real cheese, I would.”), decided this stuff smells pretty tasty. Of course he wouldn’t actually try it.

Again, you can do it however you like. They were really, really simple to cook with. I will definitely be adding a lentil soup to the rotation in the near future!

Although I do not strive to eat vegetarian or vegan meals, I do find them creeping into my regular days, and to be honest sometimes days go by before I realize I haven’t eaten any meat. This is all very strange to me, since I have always considered myself a very strong meatitarian. But more on this another day.

Oh, for all you mama’s out there? You know what the sauce reminded me of in terms of texture? Alphagetti. Seriously. (Do they even make that shit anymore?!) I’m pretty sure you could take out the spices and your kids would definitely not know the different. It’s a very kid taste bud friendly food. Lentils are also packed with protein (yes, protein!) and fiber. My favorite friend.

Happy Eating!


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