When Did Being Fat Become The Worst Thing?

When Did Being Fat Become The Worst Thing?

Folks, there’s just something about Kelly Osbourne that makes me love her. I have for years – ever since I first saw her on The Osbournes.  My favorite quote in the entire world is from her; and it’s one I have shared repeatedly on here..but what the hell, here it goes again for those of you who are new to these parts. Kelly said on Ellen (seriously, combining 2 of my favorite women was like heaven), “I don’t want to be the prettiest girl in the world, I just want to like myself.” These words hit me like a pound of bricks and have stuck with me ever since I heard them.

I don’t read gossip/celebrity type websites because I’m so out of touch with pop culture (for the most part) I have no idea who half the people on the covers of magazines are, never mind have the brain capacity to keep up with their lives – keeping up with my own is a struggle in itself sometimes. However, the other day I literally stumbled across a an article (an old one at that) about comments Kelly made about Christina Aguilara’s weight gain. While I think the public cattiness of two influential women does more harm than good in just magnifying the overall competitiveness and pressure put on women, especially by other women, that’s not what stood out to me either.

What stood out the most was Kelly was quotes as saying, “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that.” And it got me thinking, because this statement must resonate with so many people. Especially people who have struggled with their weight, yet have been productive or successful in other areas of their lives. It’s true: being fat has become the worst case scenario.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard and read things like, “Oh my God! I’d just die if I got that fat..” or some equally dramatic and to be honest terrifying statement? It upsets me a great deal to think that there are people out there who genuinely feel that being fat is the worst thing in the world. That everything else they work at is second to the scale.

As someone who has struggled with disordered eating patterns whether it’s the binging or starving or some wonky combination of the two, I now understand that my weight losses and gains had nothing to do with the food itself, but really came down to that being the way I dealt with other voids and emotions in my life. Some people drink, some turn to drugs, sex or some combination of it all, but in the big picture it’s all just a way to deal with an underlying issue.  Yet drinking and even drug use has become such a socially acceptable thing, and more often than not encouraged. In fact, being someone who is a very, very casual drinker (like, a couple times a year kind of drinker), I often find myself the one being looked at strangely for choosing not to. Binge drinking is good, but binge eating is bad. What’s wrong with this picture? Quite frankly I believe anything with ‘binge’ in front of it should probably be put straight and dealt with, it baffles me that alcohol and drugs are okay, yet being obese is not.

By no means am I a pro fat or skinny advocate and am just really very much a huge health advocate, but I just feel it becomes such an injustice to people when goals and aspirations are overshadowed because their ass might be a little bigger than what is deemed socially acceptable. OR when bigger issues which may be causing someone to gain weight or be fat are over looked and not addressed because their front and center goal is to get back into their skinny jeans.

I think when we stop and look at people like Kelly or Portia De Rossi or any other celebrity who is criticized for their weight and are able to see them once they have things under control it’s important to recognize the other struggles in their lives, and make the fact that they over came their drug addictions or were able to become comfortable with their sexuality the focal point. I think it’s so much more valuable to people who look up to and admire the rich and famous to see that they too struggle with real issues, and are able to over come those instead of just winning the battle with the scale. Because being fat isn’t the issue and losing weight doesn’t make you happy nor does it fix the problems in your life. The only difference is that it’s a hell of a lot easier to hide the fact that there are any when you’re of a ‘normal’ size.


2 thoughts on “When Did Being Fat Become The Worst Thing?

  1. Racheal,

    Great – GREAT – post. I love your down–earth, straight talking. You are absolutely on point with what you say about people thinking that drinking and drugs are “okay” and normal and weight gain being like the worst thing in hell. It is really sad.

    I especially liked how you ended the post:

    “Because being fat isn’t the issue and losing weight doesn’t make you happy nor does it fix the problems in your life.”

    To lose weight and – more importantly – to be happy, we need to love ourselves first and foremost. Fuck what other people say. It’s our life, and we are beautiful and we have a right to be happy

    Again, great stuff,

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